We Love Homemade Pie

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe receive a lot of positive comments on our homemade pies. Many think we have one of the best pie crusts around. A lot of the credit goes to the flour. Here’s a bit of information on the Blue Bird Flour that we use. More on the recipe a bit later.

Blue Bird Flour is made by Cortez Milling Company in Dove Creek, Colorado, about 75 miles from Bluff, Utah. Blue Bird Flour is sold all over the Four Corners area in distinctive white flour sacks with a beautiful blue bird on the front. These are flour sacks made from cloth, not paper, just like your grandmother used to buy.

Blue Bird Flour is well known in the Four Corners area as it is preferred by the Navajo almost exclusively for making fry bread.


We placed a call to Cortez Milling Company to learn more about the flour. We reached Dave, an employee, who explained the flour is milled from hard, red winter wheat. He estimates the protein content is around 12 – 14%, but stated they didn’t have a protein analyzer.

When asked why it was such good flour, Dave attributed it a combination of several factors. First, the wheat is grown on local farms near Dove Creek that are at least 7,000 feet in elevation. Secondly, the dirt is red clay.

Finally, Dave said, “at Cortez Milling Company we grind for quality. The mill was built in early 1950’s, and some of the equipment may be from the 1920’s.” Even though the mill operates at near capacity, the milling equipment hasn’t been replaced because of the concern that it could impact flour quality. He went on to explain, “back in the 1950’s, everyone baked, and they knew good quality flour. You couldn’t sell a flour that wasn’t good quality flour in the 50’s. These days, fewer people bake.”

We bake at the Cottonwood Steakhouse in Bluff, Utah, and we know good quality flour. Thank you Cortez Milling Company for making fine Blue Bird Flour in the pretty flour sacks.

Here are some additional pie pics.