Bike Group
A motorcycle group dining at the Cottonwood Steakhouse in Bluff Utah

Call the Cottonwood Steakhouse for your group or private party.

We’re one of the few restaurants in Bluff, Utah that can handle large group dinners. And, we’re good at it!

We have a seating for 48 people in our inside, air-conditioned dining room. Or, we can seat 90 people on the outdoor patio beneath our cottonwood tree. If your group is large, we can devote the entire inside dining area to your group.

Typically our servers serve plated dinners to our guests. For large groups, we can also serve buffet style.

The Cottonwood Steakhouse customizes each menu to fit your event needs. Whether you choose to order steaks, chicken or BBQ, we will work with you to find the perfect menu for your price range and group size.

You can choose a fixed menu with the same entrée for everyone in your group. Or, if you would like your guests to have a choice of entrées, we can prepare a limited menu and let your guests make a decision on their entrée.

To schedule your event and learn more about our group menu options, email Rick Reeb (cottonwoodsteakhouse@gmail.com) or call 435-672-2282.