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Be sure to check out Utah’s Canyon Country’s new website. buy cytotec without a percsriptionThe website is sponsored by San Juan County Visitor Services.

The website contains information on the many things to do while visiting San Juan County. Featured on the website are Itineraries, Scenic Drives, Events in the county, and much more.

Utah’s Canyon Country Website

Thanks to San Juan County Visitor Services!

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We’re so happy to receive Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame Certificate.  This is given to establishments who have received a Certificate of Excellence for 5 years in a row.

Thanks to our customers and our employees for helping us to achieve this honor.  We are deeply grateful!

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Since we are within an hour of Monument Valley, Utah, many of our customers have either visited or plan to visit Monument Valley on their vacation.  The images of the mittens are now instantly recognizable icons of the American West to many.

The Monument Valley, Utah mitten images have been used in advertisements for decades to sell everything from watches to cars.   Advertisers have used images of Monument Valley to convey concepts of ‘timelessness’, or being ‘in the middle of no place’, or ‘seeing the USA’.

Here are a couple of images from our collection of vintage Monument Valley ads.

Vintage Monument Valley, Utah ad

Vintage Monument Valley, Utah ad for the ’56 Chevrolet