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Logo Cottonwood Steakhouse

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Since 1995, the Cottonwood Steakhouse has been serving delicious food to locals and those who drive, hike, bike, or float through southeastern Utah.   We are proudly located in beautiful Bluff, Utah, a small community on the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway, and are open nightly for dinner from April through October.

The restaurant takes its name from the lovely, old cottonwood tree in the center of our large, outdoor patio. We feature a very casual American West atmosphere where the napkin is your very own red bandana.

Owner Rick Reeb’s love of red rocks and Utah’s canyon country brought him to the Cottonwood Steakhouse in 2006 after floating the nearby San Juan river on a family vacation with his wife and son. He liked the restaurant and the area so much that he bought the place, retired from his corporate job, and began his “first retirement”.   Over a decade later, the adventure continues.

We’re celebrating 22 years in Bluff with fresh, new menu items.   Join us for dinner after your great day in southeastern Utah!